Our Influencers
Our Influencers
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Safe Adam

Safe is an Essex-based singer-songwriter, entering the Islamic entertainment industry in 2012.

On top of performing, he also invests his time in managing his private donor network and producing films at a company that specialises in culturally diverse and faith-based entertainment.

Salmas Recipes

Salma is a London-based food influencer, who loves cooking Asian food. From savoury to sweet, and everything in between, your eyes are sure to be left full to the brim!


Saira is a Canadian travel and fashion influencer. Her great style complements her great style. Her warm and kind energy can be found in every country and city she visits, bringing positivity and peace to the world around her. Through this, she loves to support charitable causes with her influence. Try and catch her if you can!


Shaza is a Manchester-based food influencer and mother of five children. She loves to eat out, cook, travel and keep fit. Loving diverse flavours and cuisines, you can't not get hungry scrolling through! Her favourite type of food has to be dessert though!

Swaib Rashid

Swaib is a Bradford-based Pakistani fitness and lifestyle influencer.


Shakie is a British Bangladeshi food influencer and mother of three children. Creating delicious dishes and trying great new products, Shakie loves to explore Bengali cuisine and beyond, adding a twist, such as with her Hexagon Samosas.

“I’m inspired to do more to help others as I value the help and support I get.

I’m thankful for the food and all the good things I am fortunate to have. I believe in sharing and giving and helping others.”


Safiyyah is a Bradford-based boxer who works to inspire women to work hard and follow their dreams. Having been seen in Sky Sports and on BBC 2, Safiyyah is a great role model for young women to get into sports. Her unwavering passion for boxing and focus make her incredibly inspirational for everyone!

SUMMAIYAH (What's Sumi Cooking?)

Summaiyah is a Zambian food influencer and recipe developer. With a love for all cuisines, Summaiyah creates delicious savoury and sweet food that looks incredible! Her tasty recipes are recreated worldwide, whilst she also looks for inspiration and recipes from her loved ones and influencer friends. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to cook, you won’t be disappointed!


Seima is a UK-based Pakistani fashion and beauty influencer. Her fashion choices fill her page from Asian fashion to modest mainstream fashion.


Sakina is a Leicester-based lifestyle and fashion influencer, whilst being a mother to her son. Whether it is her stunning dressed up looks or her warming interactions with her son or her incredible work, Sakina always seems to be busy with something, whilst remaining positive and supportive.


Sidrah is a London and Bristol based fashion influencer and trainer collector, who shares her great outfits. Whether it is a feature of her favourite trainers, or a simple outfit of the day, you will love it and probably be rushing out to buy it!

Rameeza Q.
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