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Faks About Life

She is a fashion and food influencer, working to empower other women who have experienced domestic violence.

“As a Muslim, we are always taught to be charitable and I genuinely believe this keeps you humble and grounded too. I like to do charitable deeds in a way where it is not seen to be showing off. Instead, I do it to encourage others to do the same and raise awareness where required.”

Farah Ferrero

Farah is a Leicester-based lifestyle influencer, enjoying delicious food at incredible restaurants, styling the latest fashion pieces or just keeping on the move with her many responsibilities.

“I have always felt the willingness to serve and help others. It had always been a dream of mine to travel to under-privileged areas and hand-deliver aid to refugees. That way, I would then know that my daily efforts had benefitted those less fortunate.

As soon as I got the opportunity, and began doing things selflessly and for others, I knew that Allah had opened some amazing doors for me. Meeting those who have truly struggled in their life, fought for their survival, and children who had suffered severe trauma, or physical injuries as a result of warfare, led me to realise how lucky we are to have so many luxuries, so much safety and freedom.

We take so much for granted. I believe that I have a duty to tell the world their story, as not everyone is as lucky to go and see the situation first-hand. I urge each and every person, who has the means and opportunity, to help anyone less fortunate or vulnerable.

Show them even a glimmer of hope, as it grows you as a person, and your soul, like nothing else on this earth. Be it by donating, helping provide necessities, or just to show that you care, do whatever you can with the best of intentions, and you will surely be rewarded.”


Fizzah is a London-based food blogger, who, by day, is a HR manager, but at night, is a lover of all things food!

“Giving back to the less fortunate people of this world is a very important part of my life. As a British Pakistani, I feel a sense of responsibility to all less fortunate Muslims, but especially the people of Pakistan.

Education is extremely important in those parts of the world and my aim is to always use my social platform, however small, to better the future of the world in any way possible.”

Rameeza Q.
to Where most needed
Oklahoma City, United States