Who We Are
Salam Charity

Who we are


Salam is a passionate global team of people sharing the belief that we are privileged to serve those less fortunate than us.

Poverty still destroys countless lives. That’s why we work tirelessly, alongside our trusted partners on the ground, to continue the fight against poverty and pave the way for a future where every single person has the right to a life with dignity.

We believe that we can create this lasting change by rebuilding homes and communities, delivering free healthcare, food, aid, and shelter, creating sustainable development programmes, and educating our future generations. We believe in people and we’ve seen that they have the power to lead themselves out of poverty.

Join us on our mission and, together, we will see an end to poverty and injustice.


Guided by our vision, we serve humanity by developing and implementing campaigns that directly tackle the treats of poverty and injustice. We aim to:

  • Eradicate poverty by developing sustainable projects and delivering essential aid and services
  • Fight disease with healthcare, sanitation and vaccination programmes
  • Educate and train communities to become self-sufficient
  • Create social change by empowering women and children
  • Always operate with equality, openness and transparency