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Salam Charity

A world in need

15 countries and counting

A world in need


We deliver aid without discrimination, sending teams into emergency situations to deliver supplies and serve food. (You’ll find our latest emergency projects in the Appeals tab above.)

When it comes to long-term initiatives, we collaborate with our partners in each country, using a three-point assessment process. It’s designed to help us identify the root causes of poverty and create programmes which will effectively tackle these issues.


In this stage, our researchers in each country determine where aid is most needed. This might include alerting us to natural disasters, finding the best location for a new well, or identifying families who would benefit from support. Our partners look for the factors that are holding people in the grip of poverty.


Tackling the root causes of poverty, we can empower people to lead themselves out of poverty. We aim to restore dignity by rebuilding lives and will provide or develop whatever’s needed to enable people to do that. Sometimes it’s a hearing aid; sometimes it’s a community mosque.


Our work doesn’t end with aid delivery. We continue to revisit vulnerable communities to ensure that people do not fall back into hardship.

Countries we work in

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