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School is incredibly important. A good education helps children to fulfil their potential and build hope for the future.

Empowered by knowledge and skills, they will grow up to build strong, successful communities. They’ll have the confidence to break free from the cycle of poverty and dictate the route that their lives will take.

That’s why supporting education is a key part of our mission. With your help, Salam will rebuild schools, provide educational equipment, and develop mobile school services to bring education to more children all over the world.

Our aims

We need your support to:

  • Bring education to more children who are living in poverty.
  • Empower the next generation to gain the knowledge and skills to build a better life.
  • Provide essentials for school children – including educational equipment and food.


  • 263 million children and youngsters are not in school
  • An estimated 61 million primary-school-age children are out of school; 53% of them are girls, who are at increased risk of forced child marriage.
  • 420 million children will not learn even the most basic skills.
  • 124 million children have not even started school or have been forced to drop out.

Previous Work

Salam Charity is committed to supporting social change. This means creating opportunities and ensuring that children get the education they need.

Education is a basic human right, a powerful instrument for change and critical for national growth and prosperity. Yet millions of children – mainly girls – are unable to attend school, instead becoming engaged in child labour or early marriage, and often exposed to abuse.

With your help, we can transform the lives of these underprivileged children.

Case Study


Lebanon has the world’s largest refugee population. In 2023, we set up five Tents of Dreams – temporary schools, with qualified teachers, serving 30 children each. Aya Khader Al-Khaled was one of our first students in Tent 2. When she started attending (December 2022), her English test result was 3.5 out of 20. After three months of hard work (and only 3 absent days), Aya raised her score to 14.5! Aya made amazing improvements in every subject (including Arabic, Maths and English) – showing us how much she valued the chance at an education.

The Tent of Dreams project gives 150 refugee children a free, non-formal, education. It enables them to learn key skills so they’re ready to confidently enrol in school when they have the opportunity. We have one tent in five different camps; each tent accommodates 30 children aged 4-12. Each tent is equipped with educational materials such as bags, curriculum books, pens, rulers, colouring pencils, and notebooks. During the winter, each tent has been provided with gas heaters and fuel.

It costs £300 to gift a child an education for one year.

Back-to-school bags help students to start the new school year with excitement. They’re packed with educational supplies such as notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, and other necessary items to help them learn and boost their confidence in the classroom. We aim to support those who face financial challenges and ensure that every student has the tools they need for a productive and positive learning experience.

A £20 donation will ensure that a student in need receives essential supplies for the upcoming academic year.