Our Work
Our Work

Our Work


SALAM was founded in 2011 with the goal of eradicating poverty and changing lives. Now supported by global celebrities, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and social media ambassadors, we are using our positive influence to make a difference to millions of needy people.



Salam Charity is founded by a small team of three people – all passionately committed to fighting poverty and transforming lives.


Our first project is in Bangladesh: a flagship healthcare facility called the Shifa Clinic. Professional doctors and nurses offer free treatment (including antenatal and neonatal) and advice to anyone in the district. It’s a lifeline for thousands of local people who cannot afford medical treatments.


Driven by our passion to deliver sustainable and life-changing projects, our work expands to Ghana, Somalia, Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and Lebanon.


We deliver emergency medical aid to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, and a shelter development programme in response to the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami.


Dispatched to the largest refugee camp in the world, our partners in Bangladesh help to deliver Street Smart: evening classes to teach children language and numeracy skills.


To help the huge population of IDPs (internally displaced people) in Syria, we establish a shelter rehabilitation programme – rebuilding homes and rejuvenating communities.


The Lebanese economy is in crisis, with almost 40% unemployment. We create the TukTuk scheme to help young people run their own business. This is also the year of our first Bakery Project – which delivered 700 bags of bread, free of charge, every day.


Platinum award-winning artist Maher Zain travels out to Bangladesh with Salam, visiting refugee camps and our Shifa Clinic (which is currently issuing around 10,000 free medicines every year). Under one new income initiative, we provide around 2,000 olive trees to Palestinian farmers.


We open our second Shifa Clinic in Lebanon, providing free health treatments and medicine to a vulnerable community. In Bangladesh, we run our first Cataract Clinic, offering free surgery and spectacles to people with vision problems. Our emergency response team travelled to Syria / Turkey and Morocco to support those affected by the earthquakes, supported local initiatives in Libya to support survivors of the devastating floods that tore through Derna, and are currently working hard to get aid into Gaza to support the Palestinians who are being indiscriminately bombed and displaced.