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Muad is a Yemeni singer-songwriter, known for his collaborations with his daughter. Covering well-known songs with his own twist, he also creates faith-inspired songs.


Mariyam is a Manchester-based, Welsh Pakistani food influencer, with a passion for cooking and trying tasty new treats! She is proud of her Pakistani heritage and loves showcasing Pakistani cuisine.

“So many people use my recipes and I have had some amazing feedback! I truly believe now is the right time to give something back to the community! I’m so excited to be supporting such an amazing cause & have so many ideas!”


Mesut is a Turkish-Macedonian singer-songwriter, who sings nasheeds and faith-based music, including bringing life to classic nasheeds.


Meesh is a Leicester-based lifestyle influencer, who is mother to two children. Posting on all things fashion, food and family, you will always find her looking stylish!

Rameeza Q.
to Where most needed
Oklahoma City, United States