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On 6th February 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake stuck southern Turkey, near the northern border of Syria. It was followed by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake around 59 miles to the southwest.

These seismic events in Turkey and Syria killed a total of 56,000 people. In Turkey, around 230,000 buildings in 11 provinces were damaged or completely destroyed. In northwest Syria, at least 10,600 buildings were completely or partially obliterated.

In Turkey, these devastating earthquakes forced 3 million people to leave their homes. They came from provinces which were already struggling against the odds, with around 40% of households living below the poverty line (despite the national average of 32%). These natural disasters wreaked a profound socio-economic impact which will have repercussions for many years.


In 2023, Salam Charity established emergency projects to help people who have been affected by the earthquakes.

Hot Meals

These hot, nutritious meals aren’t just sources of sustenance – served in communal settings, they’re symbolic of warmth, care and hope. Fresh, nutritionally balanced meals meet the immediate needs of the population but also offer respite and togetherness. These communal hot meals began to foster a sense of solidarity and support in the aftermath of the earthquakes.

Food Packs

Our Food Packs deliver food security to people in need. Carefully curated with essential items, including non-perishable foods, these packs are designed to meet the dietary requirements of families affected by the disaster. Each one lasts a family of 5 for about a month.

Hygiene Kits

Hygiene is vital in preventing the spread of disease after natural disasters. Our hygiene kits contain essential toiletries and sanitary supplies, increasing health and wellbeing among the affected population.

Stove/Heater Distribution

Distributing stoves, heaters and fuel means providing families with a source of heat. It also restores their capacity to cook nutritious meals, returning a little normalcy to their daily lives.

Family-Sized Thermal Tents

With many displaced by the earthquakes, shelter became a key concern. Our thermal tents provide a secure, private and insulated living space for a whole family.

Donate today to help us provide ongoing assistance, relief, and hope to those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Together, we’ll make a difference.