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Battered by prolonged political conflict, Somalia is now one of the poorest countries in the world. The poverty rate stands at an astounding 73%, leaving most of the country struggling to survive.

With a low life expectancy of only 57 years, limited access to healthcare, and low levels of sanitation, Somalian people are vulnerable to poor health and early demise. Trapped in poverty, parents are often unable to care for their children, with very little hope for turning the tide.

Today, 70% of Somalian people are under 30, and 67% of young people are unemployed – that means they cannot afford essential medical treatments.



Salam Charity is committed to supporting this young population, and our work is intended to give them the essential healthcare that they need.

Working with key partners, we have recruited teams of medical professionals to create a travelling medical clinic.

This means that we can dispatch mobile medical care to hard-to-reach communities which have suffered in the country’s conflict.

Our teams of medical experts, who are equipped with treatments and medicines, travel where they’re needed, offering free check-ups and many basic treatments.

As part of this project, we also offer funding to cover the cost of life-changing eye cataract surgery for people who are visually impaired. Cataracts can affect people of all ages, but prompt action can produce an optimistic outcome.

Donate now and help us to provide essential medical treatment to Somalians who have been affected by the devastating conflict.