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Creating sustainable change in Uganda

Breaking the cycle of poverty means equipping people to make change. In Uganda, our small business project provides hardworking people with the funds to set up, renovate, or increase custom to their ventures.

Meet some of the people who have received funding from Salam Charity so far…

Zaitun (pictured)

60-year-old Zaitun has a large family of eight children and four grandchildren. Determined to contribute to the family finances, Zaitun set up a pancake business from her home in the village of Busika. Every morning she showed up with a smile to flip and serve fresh pancakes with a variety of toppings. Located close to a primary school, Zaitun found no shortage of loyal customers!

Salam Charity proposed to build a pancake cart for Zaitun, brightly painted and equipped with griddles, utensils, ingredients and serving containers. We know that Zaitun will be serving with a smile for years to come

Mayimuna Okuri

Widowed at 47, Mayimuna’s unwavering love and determination is inspirational. As well as working on local farms, Mayimuna supports her daughters, who are both receiving an education. One daughter, Aisha, has been learning to sew and repair clothing, keen to begin contributing to the family finances.

At home, Mayimuna grows an abundance of bananas, tomatoes, onions, and other fruit and vegetables. She is motivated to transform this into a business, so Salam Charity will fund Mayimuna to follow her dream: owning a vegetable stall to sell her own garden produce. We are building her a wooden shop and will supply initial provisions to kick-start the business. We will also provide Aisha with a sewing machine and the support to help her set up a garment repair shop.


50-year-old Joweria is responsible for five grandchildren, three of whom are in primary school, and one of whom has become disabled due to malnutrition. Joweria cares for them all while earning a modest income to support the family’s bills. In her bakery shop, Joweria sells bread, samosas, chapatti, pancakes, and freshly cooked breakfasts (such as cooked bananas mixed with meat or groundnuts).

Our local team met Joweria and learned about her business, which is providing a steady income despite the dilapidated premises. To help Joweria increase her profits and attract more customers, Salam Charity is renovating her building (with a new roof, fresh paint, new display area, structural repairs) and purchasing new equipment (such as a mixer, a fridge for cold drinks, and furniture for customers). We hope that Joweria’s new bakery will become a welcoming meeting place and provide financial and emotional reward to this devoted grandmother.

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