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A lamp in the darkness: 2023 in our world

Trucks filled with food. Clinics stocked with free medication. Safe water for thousands. We can’t tell you it’s enough. But with your help, we played a part in easing global suffering in 2023. Here are just some of the highlights of our year at Salam Charity…

Emergency aid, enabled by you.

In 2023 we delivered aid to victims of earthquakes in Morocco (including 100 kids’ raincoats, 142 mattresses, 92 blankets, and 180 family food parcels), Turkey and Syria (including 2,500 hygiene kits, 1,050 heaters, and 500 food parcels), and Afghanistan (where we served 1,500 hot meals and provided 465 hygiene kits). Our teams delivered urgent medication (over 1,000 packages) to people in Libya where, in September 2023, severe flooding had disrupted health services.

We will never stop. Right now, Gaza still needs far more aid for the millions who have become homeless. We will keep filling boxes and trucks with the things that they need. Our partners have learned that medical supplies, food parcels, and sanitary products are in highest demand – so if you can, please keep giving to our urgent Gaza campaign.

Essential health services

In late 2022 we opened a second Shifa health clinic in Lebanon. During 2023, it’s helped more than 22,245 people.

In February, our mobile Eye Clinics brought cataract surgery to 15 patients and checkups to 184 people, dispensing 280 eye care kits along with 69 pairs of glasses. The value of restoring people’s vision can’t really be understated – better eyesight has the potential to improve prospects, mental health, and relationships.

This year we’ve identified needs for various assistive devices and we’ve delivered 30 hearing aids, 25 sets of crutches and 30 walking sticks to vulnerable people in Pakistan. In Uganda we delivered 21 wheelchairs, which dramatically transform lives.

Everywhere we work, our teams run clinics to reduce preventable health problems and increase early diagnosis of others. For instance, this year we’ve offered a dental session for 30 children (featuring oral-care goodie bags) and 262 breast cancer screening appointments in Lebanon. At both Shifa clinics, we run vaccination programmes to prevent common diseases.

Bringing school to refugee camps

The Tent of Dreams – which is actually 5 tents with 30 students in each – has brought an informal curriculum to 150 children in the Lebanese refugee population. We’ve seen their results improve and their prospects soar.

Ramadan 2023

In this special time, our supporters helped us to deliver an incredible amount of aid! We worked hard to serve 61,000 hot meals and food parcels to provide another 1.8 million meals.

We also introduced celebration days – Eid markets – in countries including Bangladesh, Uganda and Pakistan. Each one was different but planned as a big celebration, with children’s activities and a nourishing feast for families to enjoy together. We gave new clothes to 357 children and Eid gifts to another 507. Mothers were included, with around 50-60 receiving gifts at each event.

Shelter rehabilitation

As winter approached, our annual campaign enabled us to deliver 693 winter kits to vulnerable people in Pakistan, Lebanon and Bangladesh.

In Syria, we’ve been working to rehabilitate homes which were destroyed during the Civil War. It’s a significant programme for Salam Charity, and it’s received a lot of positive feedback in the community. This year we restored 15 more.

Safe water for more people

With your support, we’re on a mission to bring clean water to communities and this year we have planned, excavated, and completed 13 wells in Uganda and 22 in Ghana. Each well can provide fresh, safe water for around 1,000 people – for about 20 years.

Volunteering abroad

This year, many of you have travelled with us on deployment, including – in May – our first trip to Jordan. The team handed out 700 family food parcels and 300 hygiene kits, sponsored another 15 local families, and gave more than 350 gifts (including clothing) to Jordanian orphans.

Our supporters are the best!

Did you hear us celebrating our fantastic Winter Kids Run, which raised £23k for aid for Gaza? The teams in the Al Noor Dragon Boat Race, who made £18.5k for home rehabilitation in Syria? Or the incredible supporters who climbed Mount Toubkal and raised £8.5k for maternal services? Those are just some of the events where you’ve rallied to support us during 2023.

We can’t do it without you…

We’re sending a huge THANK YOU for your support this year – keep it coming and we’ll keep working for everyone who needs us in 2024.