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Jordan Deployment

Delivering aid in Jordan

In May 2024, a team of volunteers travelled to Jordan with Salam Charity. In one intensive week, we delivered supplies for more than 39,000 meals – and much more.

Into Jordan

Jordan hosts more than 2 million Palestinian refugees, along with thousands of Syrian refugees. Approximately 370,000 people are staying in refugee camps (Source: Amnesty International). The larger camps have been established for years but work is still needed to support people who live there.

Hygiene is an issue, particularly post-pandemic. As part of our trip, our volunteers helped to build six new toilets, complete with accessible ramps.

Improving food security

We assemble packs of ingredients like rice, oil, sugar, lentils and flour to provide families with a month of meals. On this trip our team distributed 260 large food packs – which will feed a total of 1300 people for 30 days.

Relieving suffering day by day

As they travel around the camps in different regions, our volunteer teams don’t just pass out parcels. They take time to meet people and learn about their struggles.

Our volunteers can use the funds that they have raised to provide individual grants at their discretion. On this trip, those included:

  • Grants to help three women with their small businesses – one cheese-maker, one shop-owner who had suffered a stroke, and another entrepreneur who sells desserts.
  • Covering electrical bills for 100 Gazan refugee families.
  • Cash grants for 8 families and 10 individuals who demonstrated significant need.
  • New Eid clothing for 50 orphans, as part of an orphanage fun day.

We’d like to give our heartfelt thanks to the team of volunteers who accompanied us to Jordan to deliver aid. Insha’Allah, we will be taking another team in autumn 2024. Would you like to join us?

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