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Bungee Jump

Fundraising from the top of a 160ft crane

On 14th January 2024, a nervous group of dedicated supporters waited to bungee jump from a crane soaring above London.

Inspirational commitment to the cause

We’re pleased to report that they all did it! Our fantastic team of five brave bungee jumpers managed to raise a total of £1,300 for Salam Charity.

One of the people jumping was Shahin, our Fundraising Officer, who had never taken a bungee jump before.

He said:

“As the crane lifted me, all I could think was… how I’m going to suppress my screams, how I’m going to position my arms, will the rope hold?”

“Then I got to the top, saw the view, and forgot everything. ”

“I just went into a daredevil mode that I’ve never been in before.”

“I thought: the quicker I do it, the easier it’ll be.”

So I spread my arms wide, jumped off head-first without a blink and instantly felt the cold wind blast my face. It feels like you’re travelling through time, light speed… right until the rope yanks you back up.

“By that time, you’ve done the hard part, and now you’re just enjoying the view with everyone looking at you from below.”

“I would definitely do it again, even higher next time.”

Shahin Choudhury – Fundraising Officer (Salam Charity)

Inspired to try a new challenge in 2024?

Join our next bungee jump in Manchester (it will be the highest in the UK) – or sign up for a ground-based event!

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