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2022 - 2023

Volunteer Abroad

Take a life-changing trip with us

Volunteering abroad with Salam Charity is an eye-opening experience. You’ll need kindness and courage – and you’ll return filled with love. Are you ready to travel to one of the most vulnerable places in the world and find out why we do what we do?

Our volunteers are crucial to the success of our campaigns. We really need you to support our upcoming trips – see below for dates.

The volunteer journey

After raising the funds to support your trip, you’ll accompany us as we fly out to work with needy people. Minimum fundraising target £5,000.

You could be hand-delivering food packages to refugee camps, working a day in our Bakery in Lebanon, distributing hot meals in Pakistan, or overseeing water well developments in Ghana.

You will never be alone – you’ll travel with a team of volunteers and staff, and join our charity partners at your destination.

Why volunteer with us?

Building wells, teaching women to farm, providing essential medical treatment, delivering food and baking bread: Salam Charity’s life-changing projects are delivered through close work with partners in a number of countries. Throughout the year, our experienced Salam team takes volunteers to some of our locations to take part first-hand.

Deployment opportunities allow our supporters to understand the work we’re doing. Plus, the funds you raise go straight into the project you’re visiting, so you’ll see the benefits with your own eyes.

Volunteering abroad with Salam Charity is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but we must warn you that it is hard-hitting. You’ll speak to people and hear their stories. You’ll see their communities and homes, and broaden your world-view. Our hope is that our volunteers come home with renewed passion to support the cause. So…

Register today

If you’re truly ready to make a difference – not only to other people, but to yourself – please register your details below and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Start your life-changing journey: register your interest now.


12 Jun 2022

7 days (12 -18 June)


Beqaa Valley and Aarsal

8 SEPT 2022

7 days (8-14 September)


Beqaa Valley and Aarsal

Dec 2022

7 days


Beqaa Valley and Aarsal

Jan 2023

7 days


Beqaa Valley and Aarsal

Feb 2023

7 days


Beqaa Valley and Aarsal


OCT 2022

10 days

General volunteering


Important terms and conditions

You must have a valid UK passport and provide evidence of a PCR COVID-19 test. You must be over the age of 18 to join the deployment. Salam Charity reserves the right to withdraw you from deployment if any concerns arise. No refunds will be issued on any funds raised and the donations will be used for the causes highlighted in the Deployment Brief (which will be emailed to you).

Rameeza Q.
to Where most needed
Oklahoma City, United States

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