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Qurbani Campaign

Why our Qurbani appeal is different

We’re now accepting Qurbani donations. If you want to give Qurbani AND promote animal welfare, choose Salam Charity.

What is Qurbani?

It’s an animal sacrifice made during Dhul Hijjah, and it’s carried out in memory of the Prophet Ibrahim, who was willing to sacrifice his son. This act of devotion shows that we are willing to sacrifice our wealth to help others. After sacrificing a cow, sheep, or goat, Qurbani meat should be shared among the poor and needy.

These days, Muslims don’t slaughter our own animals individually – instead, we donate money to groups which organise sacrifice and distribute the meat. One of those groups is Salam Charity!

Do I need to donate Qurbani?

Giving Qurbani is recommended for Muslims and it’s compulsory for Zakat-eligible Muslims in the Hanafi Madhab (a school of Islam which is thought to include around 30% of all Muslims).

Who benefits from Qurbani?

Last year, you helped us to donate 165 animals to needy families. Your kindness enabled them to participate in the celebrations of Dhul Hijjah and eat well for months to come.

How do we share out the Qurbani meat? We work closely with partners in all seven countries. People living on an income which is below the international poverty line (the equivalent of around £1.70/day) are eligible to receive a share of meat during our distribution.

By buying meat from local producers, we are also able to support the economy in each country – an extra benefit created by every donation.

When will Qurbani 2023 take place?

Qurbani is made on Eid ul Adha – expected to be celebrated on Wednesday, 28th of June 2023.

Our Quest for Ethical Qurbani

What kind of life did the animal live before it was sacrificed? At Salam Charity, we’ve developed our own programme of ethical Qurbani. This means that we ensure that all the animals are reared with space and compassion. For example, we don’t allow animals to be slaughtered when they are very young (twelve months is the minimum age).

Here are the rules in our Ethical Qurbani programme:

  • Cows must be over the age of 2.
  • Goats and sheep must be at least one year old.
  • The animal must be healthy and without any disabilities.
  • The animal must have records of welfare for at least 6 months.
  • The animals cannot be separated from offspring.
  • The animal must be treated with kindness and reared properly with adequate feeding and space to roam freely.
  • The slaughter must be quick and painless —one clean stroke of the sharp blade.
  • Animals must be held in a separate location to where the slaughter will happen so they don’t become distressed.

Why you should donate Qurbani today…

We wish you could see how much your Qurbani donations really mean to the families in places like Bangladesh and Lebanon.

These countries have been devastated by conflict, crisis, or floods in the last twelve months. Take a closer look at the rural, isolated, or damaged communities and you’ll find they have many more problems caused by poor sanitation and lack of healthcare services. People are desolate and many are seriously suffering. Imagine being a parent or carer under these circumstances.

In these vulnerable places, we can offer hope and sustenance. By identifying those at highest risk (like the elderly, single-parent households, or orphans), our partners help us to give your Qurbani where it’s truly, desperately needed.

Choose your gift.

This year, we’ve enabled you to select exactly what you’d like to give! At £155, a sheep or goat will feed a family for weeks or even months; it’s an incredible gift for a family who really needs it.

Please give whatever you can. We’ll make sure it goes to the right people.

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