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Shifa Clinic

Type of campaign


Regions covered

Shebaa, Lebanon

Projects undertaken

Our health clinic offers free and non-discriminatory medical care to everyone.

Campaign objective

We opened our Shifa medical clinic to provide accessible healthcare to the communities of Shebaa.


Local people of Shebaa, Lebanon.




£132,000 a year

Why we've funded this campaign

Shebaa is a village located in the Al-Arqoub region of Lebanon, which has been hit hard during the Lebanese economic crisis. Many locals struggle to afford basic needs such as food, fuel, medical aid and education. Just like many other parts of Lebanon, healthcare is inaccessible or insufficient.

We chose this village as the site for our second Shifa Clinic. It provides free, reliable healthcare, helping people to live with dignity and independence.

Families and individuals now have one less cost to worry about, as they are given free medical treatment and prescriptions.


What is the objective?

We want to help as many vulnerable people as possible, offering them high quality care and medication. The main aim is to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities. Our Shifa Clinic is also a resource for health education and disease prevention efforts.

The Shifa Clinic project aligns with one of Salam Charity’s core goals: to fight disease with healthcare, sanitation and vaccination programmes.

Who does this campaign help?

In and around Shebaa, thousands of people are living in severe poverty; many can’t afford treatment or travel. They can now attend our modern Shifa Clinic (there’s even a driver to collect people who can’t get there) and receive expert treatment from qualified doctors and nurses. They’ll get free medicine from the on-site pharmacy.

How has the campaign been going?

The clinic has been equipped to deliver a wide range of medical services including consultations, X-rays, and lab tests. There are doctors in 10 different specialties including paediatrics, cardiovascular. gastroenterology, and orthopaedics. The team of support staff includes nurses, a dental assistant, pharmacist, and an X-ray technician.

A management and concierge team helps run the clinic, with the support of a driver who transports patients to appointments.

The clinic consists of 14 rooms, waiting lobby, a kitchen and three toilets, in addition to:

  • X-ray device
  • Ultrasound
  • Fully equipped laboratory
  • Fully prepared pharmacy that gives free medication to the patients of the clinic
  • Emergency Room
  • Fully equipped vaccination room

Did the campaign encounter any obstacles?

None yet.

How has this campaign changed lives?

Since opening in January 2023, the clinic has provided consultations to 2000 patients; 1500 people received free medication in the first month.

This is our second Shifa clinic and it’s designed to offer a comprehensive health service, helping vulnerable people to return to good health and care for each another.

What’s next for this campaign?

Can you imagine being unable to access treatment for a serious health problem?

That was the day-to-day reality for people in Shebaa and neighbouring villages. But now they can access modern healthcare services and expert diagnosis. The Shifa clinic is saving lives.

We’re incredibly thankful to our supporters for helping to make this clinic a reality. In the future we want to expand our medical services in the area. If you love this project and want to help us reach more people, please give what you can.