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One of our projects in Lebanon

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Salam Charity has been working in Lebanon for several years and the need now is greater than ever. More and more Lebanese communities are falling below the international poverty line and life is becoming unbearable for the Syrian and Palestinian refugees. Salam Charity focusses on long term sustainable projects that will enable people to lift themselves out of hardship.

Here is a snapshot of one of the projects that Salam Charity is providing in Lebanon.


Lebanon Tuktuk Project

Region covered

Beqaa Valley (Bar Elias)

Projects undertaken

Supplying tuk-tuks as an income opportunity for vulnerable families.

Campaign objective

We aim to remove people from the cycle of poverty by creating job opportunities. A tuktuk offers the chance for people to generate income for their households.

Primary beneficiaries

The tuktuk driver and their immediate families

Secondary beneficiaries

The wider community who benefit from the tuktuks, such as those living in the refugee camps where car access is difficult. Children in the camps who can’t get to school. Emergency medical cases where waiting for a taxi would be the difference between life and death.


This project is an income generating initiative where the proceeds and profit go back into purchasing new vehicles. We started with a fleet of 5 and now we have 16 (funded through a combination of donations and proceeds from the project).

Other services provided

Another Caption

Salam charity also provide other lifesaving services to those most in need. Here are some of the other projects we are currently working on in Lebanon:


Salam Charity operates our flagship healthcare centre, Shifa Clinic in the region of Shebaa, South Lebanon providing lifesaving medical treatment and medicine.

Food Packs

Our food culturally sensitive packs are specifically designed to ensure that they meet the needs of a family of 5 for an entire month.


The Tent of Dreams, our informal education centres in the Akkar, North Lebanon, teaches children basic literacy and numeracy offering them a steppingstone into full time education.

Orphan Sponsorship

We help children who have lost one or both their parents by offering them cash assistance to help towards their education, food, clothing, and anything else the child may need.

Family Sponsorship

Our family sponsorship projects are designed with the entire family in mind. We offer cash assistance to help the family towards food, shelter, utility bills or anything else the family may need to help them look forward to a brighter future.