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Sophina Khan supports our work in Uganda

Salam Ambassador Sophina travelled to Uganda with our team this month. Expanding our reach in Uganda In Uganda, 71% of the population still doesn’t have access to basic sanitation; 41% doesn’t have electricity, and 30% of adults didn’t finish primary school (Source: World Bank 2023). Lack of aid is a massive problem here, which means […]

Pictures from our Eid Al-Adha Markets

538 parents and children enjoyed food, treats and entertainment at four different venues for Eid Al-Adha. Our Eid Al-Adha Markets For many people, Eid Al-Adha is difficult to celebrate: mums all over the world are unable to give their children the traditional gifts, and their festive meal is likely to be very humble. Our teams […]

Delivering Happiness to kids in Pakistan

We’ve been spreading joy and creativity as part of our work in vulnerable communities in Pakistan. Delivering more than essential aid… Our teams have been working hard to distribute food parcels (with essentials like flour, oil, and lentils) and tarpaulins for those harbouring beneath temporary shelter. All that stuff’s critically important. But we want to […]

Beating Tooth Decay in Lebanon

This month our dental team organised a fun Awareness Day for local kids in Shebaa… Welcome to the Shifa Clinic Our new Shifa Clinic includes a modern dental clinic which serves kids as well as adults. The Clinic is an important hub for the community. It offers free care and medicine for everybody. But a […]

LEBANON SHIFA CLINIC (Progress Report Jan-april, 2023)

How Our Shifa Clinic Is Transforming Lives 91 People Were Vaccinated Against Common Diseases Free Consultations And Treatment 8,068 PEOPLE ATTENDED FREE CONSULTATIONS AND 8,355 RECEIVED FREE MEDICINE [… 913 OF THOSE WERE UNDER 4 YEARS OLD] What’s The Problem? Over 3,000 People Were Treated For Respiratory Infections, And 2,347 People Were Seen In Er. […]

Uganda Mobility Project

In Uganda, 4.5 million people have a disability – ranging from hearing difficulty to physical impairment. What impact does this have on their lives? People with disabilities often struggle to access education, housing, and employment. It can be a severe impediment to life, particularly for those who are already living beneath the poverty line (around […]

Eid Mubarak! Celebrating Ramadan 2023

Quick quiz… During Ramadan, our teams served hot meals to how many people? A) 600 B) 6,000 C) 60,000 Yes, we did! More than 61,000 people It’s true: our incredible supporters donated ingredients for our teams to serve hot meals to 61,000 people. That included victims on the earthquake sites in Turkey and Syria – […]

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