The TukTuk Self Employment Project

We’re renting out tuktuks to young people in Lebanon – giving them a valuable source of income in a country where unemployment has reached 40%. Why is it needed? In the last two years, inflation in Lebanon (which used to average at 18%) has soared to 160%. In real terms this means that the cost […]


130 people rehomed so far – can you help support our Shelter Rehabilitation Campaign? Since April 2021 our campaign has rehomed 130 people – almost the entire population of the village of Nahlaia, in Syria. Millions in Syria are currently homeless, or struggling in displacement camps. The devastating conflict has left houses in ruins, with […]

Bread for Beqaa – our flagship bakery in Lebanon

A loaf of bread is a basic that’s easy to take for granted. But in Lebanon, it has become unaffordable for families whose lives have been devastated by poverty. Lebanon is in nationwide economic crisis. In the last two years, the cost of essentials like food has quadrupled. So 50% of the total population now […]


The crisis in Lebanon has been raging since 2011 and seems to have no end in sight. Almost 2 million people have taken refuge in the country...

Palestine Olive Tree Update

As the age-old saying goes give a man a fish and he can feed his family for a day but give him a net and he can support his family for generations to come.

Yemen Food Distribution

Yemen is the most food insecure country in the Arab world and is amongst the top 10 least food secure countries globally.

Street Smart

The overcrowded camps in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh has officially been recognised as the largest refugee camp in the world.

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