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Beating Tooth Decay in Lebanon

This month our dental team organised a fun Awareness Day for local kids in Shebaa…

Welcome to the Shifa Clinic

Our new Shifa Clinic includes a modern dental clinic which serves kids as well as adults.

The Clinic is an important hub for the community. It offers free care and medicine for everybody. But a big part of its role is to increase awareness about common diseases and help people to avoid the preventable ones. Tooth decay comes under that category!

Did you know…

… that tooth decay is the MOST common childhood disease? It affects 3 out of 5 children and can be far worse in areas where dental clinics are scarce.

On Sunday 28th May, our Awareness Day was attended by 30 children aged 5-8. They learned when adult teeth grow, and how they can look after their teeth by choosing the right foods and brushing for two minutes twice a day. Our team talked about the importance of oral hygiene and good habits, too (encouraging kids to stop thumb-sucking and nail biting).

Free dental check-ups

Each child had a check-up so the dentist could give them personal advice. We booked follow-up appointments for those who needed them.

As a thank-you for coming (and a little nudge to keep brushing), the children all received goodie bags. Each one included a toothbrush, toothpaste, Salam Charity sticker, and sugar-free lollipop!