Morocco Emergency Appeal
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Morocco Emergency Appeal

Type of campaign

Emergency Relief

Regions covered


Projects undertaken

Food packs, hygiene kits, tent, mattresses and bedding, clothes, toys and more.

Campaign objective

We will deliver immediate relief and support to those affected by the earthquake, addressing their basic needs for shelter, food, clothing, and psychological wellbeing.


Moroccan earthquake victims




Community fundraising

Why have we funded this campaign?

On September 8, 2023, Morocco was struck by a seismic earthquake of 6.8 magnitude, resulting in widespread devastation. This earthquake caused profound human suffering, claiming the lives of more than 2,900 people, and leaving 5,500 injured. At least 380,000 individuals were left homeless, either temporarily or permanently.

The earthquake’s epicentre was in the Atlas Mountains. Its impact destroyed numerous buildings and almost wiped out several villages, including Tafeghaghte, 37 miles from Marrakesh.


What is the objective?

We aim to offer temporary shelter to the homeless, deliver emergency response kits, and provide nourishing meals to the hungry.

Our broader goal is to help communities to recover, foster resilience, and improve the wellbeing of people affected by the disaster.

Who does this campaign help?

We’re helping people and families who were profoundly affected by the earthquake. Our dedicated teams are actively reaching out to people who have lost their homes, people who have sustained injuries, and people grappling with the loss of loved ones.

How has the campaign been going?

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters, Team Salam has already delivered:

  • 180 food packs
  • 48 tents
  • 92 blankets
  • 69 thermal matting
  • 26 plastic sheeting
  • 60 bedding
  • 142 mattress sponge
  • 132 pillows
  • 100 toys
  • 100 warm clothing for women
  • 100 kid's raincoats
  • 40 hygiene Kits

What’s next for this campaign?

Our emergency response appeal is ongoing. We will work hard to support people and families as they work to rebuild homes and communities and recover from the impact of this disaster.