Libya Flood Response
Our work


Libya Flood Response

Type of campaign

Libya Emergency Response

Regions covered


Projects undertaken

Distributing medical supplies, sanitary pads and household support.

Campaign objective

Delivering immediate, essential relief to the affected population in Libya.


Vulnerable individuals and families


September 2023


Community fundraising

Why have we funded this campaign?

On the 10th of September 2023, Storm Daniel swept across eastern Libya. The storm caused more than 4,300 deaths and devastated the Libyan infrastructure, wrecking homes, bridges, roads, and electricity grids.

The affected communities, particularly Al Bayda, Al Marj, and Derna, are now dealing with the aftermath – including destroyed homes, disrupted public services, and thousands of people with urgent health and humanitarian needs.


What is the objective?

We responded quickly to deliver immediate and essential relief to people in Libya. Next, our local teams aim to address the critical gaps in healthcare, shelter and basic necessities caused by the storm.

Who does this campaign help?

We’re helping the most vulnerable people in eastern Libya, and we’ve also supported the search and rescue effort.

How has the campaign been going?

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we’ve already supplied:

  • 1,014 medications
  • 2 medication fridges
  • 100 sanitary pads
  • 1 Zodiac speed boat and Yamaha engine – helping search and rescue workers to reach more people.
  • Financial support (rent, renovation and supplies) for 6 households.

What’s next for this campaign?

We will continue to offer aid and support wherever it’s needed – in Libya as well as nearby countries with emergency needs.

Make a donation to help us continue our emergency work and provide essentials for the most vulnerable at times of crisis.