Gaza Emergency Aid
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Gaza Emergency Aid

Type of campaign

Emergency Relief

Regions covered


Projects undertaken

Distributing medical supplies, hot meals, food packs, clothes, milk and nappy kits, blankets, and much more.

Campaign objective

Our duty is clear: Support our brothers and sisters in Gaza. We will actively delver crucial aid to those whose lives have been upended.






Community fundraising

Why have we funded this campaign?

Due to ongoing conflict, there’s an urgent humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza. More than 17,000 are reported dead, and 70% of those were women and children. More than 46,000 Palestinians are known to be injured and at least 1.9 million people in Gaza are now internally displaced, with no home and no facilities to enable them to survive the winter.


What is the objective?

At this point, our main objective is to deliver immediate relief (including medical supplies and sanitary products) to the communities affected in Gaza.

The Palestinian Minister of Health said that hospitals in Gaza are "working beyond their capacity to treat the wounded as a result of the occupation’s aggression, and as a result the hospitals in the Strip are out of service".

Who does this campaign help?

Our teams are supporting people and families who have lost their homes, been injured, or lost loved ones. We’re giving them important things like food, blankets, and health supplies.

This campaign is also supporting aid workers and emergency responders who are working in the affected communities.

How has the campaign been going?

Since the relief effort began, Team Salam has delivered:

  • 2 trucks filled with essential supplies
  • 150 milk and nappy kits
  • 3,064 hot meals
  • 1,000 jackets
  • 300 blankets
  • 2856 food packs
  • 576 medical supplies
  • 1000 blood banks, disposables, medication, and lab items
  • Organised a psychosocial day for children.

(Figures at time of writing - December 2023.)

What’s next for this campaign?

We’ll carry on delivering emergency aid to our brothers and sisters in Gaza.

Salam Charity is still currently filling trucks in Egypt with essential supplies, including ready-to-eat food packs, blankets, winter clothing, birthing kits, and wound kits.

We will work under strict regulations to transport these supplies to the Al Rafah border and wait for approval for their prompt delivery to Gaza warehouses. We’re collaborating with local NGOs to ensure that the aid reaches the most vulnerable families in a timely and effective manner.

While people still need us, we will be there.

Help us to fill more trucks: