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National Volunteer Recruitment Drive

19th - 27th August 2019

15 venues throughout the UK

Join Salam Charity at any of the 15 venues and gain through the gift of giving. We'll show you what we do and how you can help people around the world.

EID 1000


30 June 2018

Somerset House, London

Join Shahid Afridi and Harris J for a superb eid charity dinner. Details to be announced soon.

Live Appeal NV TV

New Vision Live TV Appeal

30 May 2018 | 10pm - 2am

New Vision (Sky 804)

Join Shahid Afridi and Harris J for a fun filled evening of fundraising. Hosted by Habib Malik. The programme starts at 10pm.

Hope 1000


27 & 28 May 2018 | 6pm

London & Manchester

Join Hamza Ali Abassi and Harris J for a superb charity iftar tour around the UK. Hosted by Habib Malik.

Instagram Live Appeal

26 May 2019 | 5pm – 7pm


Join Modest Street, Nadim Al-Maktari, Ezza Zahoor, Uzair Shafique, Chifa K and Ahmed Rubani for an evening of inspirational talks and fun filled challenges as we raise money to provide lifesaving food packs to desperate families this Ramadan.

Salam Ramadan

19, 20 & 21 April 2019

Bradford, Manchester & London

A day of motivational talks, reminders and guidance in preparation for Ramadan.

In Good Hands

6, 7 & 14 April 2019

Across the UK

A beginners workshop where you can tap into your creative side and learn the basic principles of applying henna.

Come Iftar With Me

Ramadan 2019

Throughout the UK

Join hundreds of people as they gather in homes, schools, offices, universities and mosques to host Iftars and help families living below the poverty line.

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