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14 March - 29 March 2020 (7 events)

Get Ramadan Ready

Prepare your mind, body and soul

A day of motivational talks, reminders and guidance. Sharing hints, tips, and spiritual blessings in preparation for the month of Ramadan.

Topics of Discussion

  • Sunnah foods to start consuming pre-Ramadan
  • Methods to strengthen your body before Ramadan
  • Nutritional facts on foods to eat and avoid during Ramadan
  • Islam and mental health
  • Emotional detox before Ramadan
  • Referencing our beloved sahabiyats in times of crisis
  • Signposting to local community networks

The cause

A clinic for the people. Salam Charity has begun work on a clinic providing free health care to thousands of impoverished families in Mansurpur, Jakiganj.

Yet the journey has only just begun. To make sure that we can provide lifesaving healthcare to those living in extreme hardship, £25,000 is needed every year to sustain the clinic. With an ever-growing population and limited resources, Mansurpur is in desperate need of a medical clinic. The inhabitants of the village must travel miles for the nearest health complex and often cannot afford the treatment.

Salam Charity will provide free primary healthcare for everyone and save countless lives.

Sunday 29 March 2020
4pm - 9pm
Arbour Park Stadium
Stoke Road
Slough SL2 5AY
Fee: £5
Parking: Unavailable
Age: 14+
Saturday 4 April 2020
4pm till 9pm
Ghausia Centre, Firth Park Road, Sheffield, S5 6WN
Fee: £5
Parking: Onsite parking
Age: 14+

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In Good Hands

London (West)

Saturday 6th April 2019
12.00 � 6.00pm

Berrymede Junior School
232 Osbourne Rd
London W3 8SN

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