Baba’s Story
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Baba’s Story

Type of campaign

Shelter and Sponsorship

Regions covered


Projects undertaken

Housing rehabilitation and sponsorship.

Campaign objective

Provide relief and assistance to Baba, who was affected by recent floods in Pakistan.






Community fundraising

Why we've funded this campaign

After the recent floods, our team travelled to Pakistan. The devastation has created dire living conditions for people – and one of those was Baba. Listening to Baba's personal story motivated the team to take action and provide support to help him to get back onto his feet.


What is the objective?

The floods have left many people in need of relief and support. Baba was living in unsafe conditions and his story was very moving. Our team addressed his immediate needs by providing him with emergency kit items and carried out an assessment of his living conditions. We became determined to improve his overall quality of life.

How has the campaign been going?

The campaign has been progressing steadily since its initiation. Initially, our team provided Baba with emergency kit to address his immediate needs. We visited his home, where we discovered unsafe and unsanitary living conditions. Thanks to support from our donors, we provided him with a cash sponsorship and began the process of building him a new home.

How has the campaign changed lives?

The campaign has significantly changed Baba's life. He lost his original home during the 2010 floods and, once more, his new home was destroyed by the recent floods. Through our fundraising campaign, we were able to provide him with essential items, improve his living conditions, and build a new home for him. This has not only restored his sense of security but also boosted his overall wellbeing.

What’s next for this campaign?

Looking ahead, the campaign will continue to focus on assisting people like Baba who have been affected by the floods. We aim to expand our efforts to help more people in similar situations and provide them with the necessary resources to rebuild their lives. This may include providing emergency relief, conducting further assessments, and initiating additional projects to improve housing conditions and overall community resilience. The campaign will remain committed to making a long-lasting impact and promoting sustainable recovery in the affected areas.