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Hot Meal Gaza


The latest warnings from the UN relief agency for Palestinians UNRWA and the UN World Food Programme. The WFP highlighted the risk of starvation and disease in heavily built-up areas, where tens of thousands of people have fled the intense bombing campaign in the enclave’s northern and central region.

Everyone in Gaza is hungry! Skipping meals is the norm, and each day is a desperate search for sustenance,” WFP said in a post on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday. “People often go the entire day and night without eating. Adults go hungry so children can eat.

Salam charity has been following up on the food security situation in Gaza and, in line with our emergency response, is actively responding to the food crisis.

Our aims:

It’s our responsibility and duty to respond to the increasing needs within Gaza. To play our part, we aim to:

  • Provide hot meals to families, providing short-term aid and relief.
  • Empower local people by giving promoting their initiatives and following their recommendations as they provide support to their people.

Previous Work

Since October the 7th, Salam charity has been providing aid within Gaza, ranging from medical supplies for hospitals, including equipment for blood banks and laboratories, medication, food packs, hot meals, baby milk & sanitary kits, winter blankets, and winter clothing for children.

Case Study

Starvation in Gaza spares no one!

There was a recent story that emerged of a young Palestinian child named Khalil Al Maqadama who tragically lost his life to hunger in Gaza.

The family was provided with solar panels and medication by an organisation to support the equipment needed to care for Khalil.

His father Yasser expressed in an email to those who provided the medical support, that his son had died due a lack of availability of food. Yasser tried to find whatever sources of food he could but had no luck in securing sustenance for his son.

Although his death is a direct cause of Israeli aggression and starvation tactics, his passing will not be recorded as killed, but just dead.

Cases like this emphasise how important it is for our hot food campaign inside Gaza.

Please support us and donate to our life saving campaign!

Freshly cooked hot meals

Our team on the ground is identifying areas of need and setting up mobile food hubs, where pots of hot food are cooked and distributed where it is needed and is safe, in Gaza.

Price handles:

One individual meal: £1

One pot serving 280 people £280

Ten pots serving 2,800 people: £2,800