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Qurbani 2024

An ethical Qurbani

This year, Eid ul Adha will be celebrated by millions of Muslims across the world as families come together to reflect and give thanks to Allah for His endless blessings. It is a time of generosity and selflessness as we provide the poor and the needy with much needed meat so they can join the celebrations with their families.

During this sacred festival, we sacrifice an animal in remembrance of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS), and distribute the meat to our families, neighbours and those living in poverty. During these festivities, we rarely give a thought to the animal that has blessed us with life sustaining meat. What kind of life did it lead? Was it healthy?

That’s why at Salam Charity we have developed the Ethical Qurbani which looks at the welfare of the animal before sacrifice and how the meat is distributed.

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Large animal
1/7 share of a large animal

Small animal
Large animal
1/7 share of a large animal

Small animal
Large animal
1/7 share of a large animal

Small animal
Large animal
1/7 share of a large animal

Small animal
Large animal
1/7 share of a large animal

Small animal
Large animal
1/7 share of a large animal

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Gaza FAQ

Where will the livestock be sourced from?

Livestock will be locally sourced in Gaza from the remaining limited stocks available. To ensure freshness and ease of distribution, the meat will be promptly cooked and served as hot meals.

Where in Gaza is the cooking taking place?

Cooking and distributions will be conducted in schools repurposed as shelter centers for displaced individuals, ensuring accessibility to those in need across Gaza.

How many people will one sheep serve?

Each sheep will be divided into four portions, with each portion capable of serving an average family of five individuals, providing sustenance to multiple households.

If an invasion happens, what will happen to the project?

Operating in Gaza presents significant challenges, particularly during times of conflict. Should circumstances change and distribution to a specific shelter becomes untenable, alternative avenues will be explored to ensure the continuity of the project. If necessary, relocation to an unaffected area will be considered as a last resort.

What will the meal consist of?

Given the scarcity of resources in Gaza due to the ongoing siege, the meals will primarily comprise the cooked meat paired with either rice, wheat, or as standalone dishes, depending on the availability of ingredients on the day of distribution.

Key factors of an ethical Qurbani

  • Cows must be over the age of 2.
  • Goats and sheep must be at least one year old.
  • The animal must be healthy and without any disabilities.
  • The animal must have records of welfare forat least 6 months.
  • The animals cannot be separated from offspring.
  • The animal must be treated with kindness and reared properly with adequate feeding and space to roam freely.
  • The slaughter must be quick and painless —one clean stroke of the sharp blade.
  • Animals must be held in a separate location to where the slaughter will happen so as not to distress the animal.
  • The meat must be distributed as quickly as possible to avoid contamination.
  • Meat will be distributed to those who live below the internationally recognised poverty line.

Smaller animals such as goats and sheep count as 1 Qurbani, whereas larger animals such as cows are split into seven shares. One person can donate just one share or seven shares in memory of loved ones. The choice is yours.

This year we have decided to concentrate on Bangladesh to ensure that our ethical Qurbani campaign brings in the best possible results and the meat goes to those who need it most.

With your help we can provide thousands of people with lifesaving protein and give them a hope of a brighter tomorrow.