Afghanistan Emergency Aid
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Afghanistan Emergency Aid

Type of campaign

Emergency relief

Regions covered


Projects undertaken

Distributing hot meals, food packs, blankets, and hygiene kits.

Campaign objective

Offering critical aid to people and communities affected by the earthquakes.


Vulnerable people and families




Community fundraising

Why have we funded this campaign?

In October 2023, a series of powerful earthquakes devastated parts of western Afghanistan. They killed at least 1,500 people and affected around 114,000 more, all of whom need urgent humanitarian assistance.

These earthquakes, which affected the Herat, Badghis, and Farah provinces, began with a 6.3-magnitude quake on October 7, followed by two more on October 11 and 15 (which reached a magnitude of 6.4). The districts where they happened were already vulnerable, and the widespread destruction has worsened people’s suffering.


What is the objective?

We’re delivering immediate relief and assistance to the affected people in Afghanistan. Our teams will supply essential things like food, water, blankets, and hygiene kits, and consider how we can support these communities in the longer term.

How has the campaign been going?

Salam Charity mobilised distribution to reach the people affected by these earthquakes. We’ve already distributed 60 food packs, 1,200 hot meals, 265 hygiene kits, and 100 blankets (at time of writing – December 2023).

Our goal is to help displaced families to survive and care for each other in this desperate situation.

What’s next for this campaign?

We’re on the ground and we’ll continue to provide vital support to people in western Afghanistan. They’re still struggling and will need consistent aid while they work to rebuild their communities. So we will carry on raising funds and mobilising resources to support them.

We can’t do any of this without you. A donation of £50 will pay for essential items such as food, blankets, bedding, and hygiene kits.