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With a population of 61 million, Tanzania is a lower-middle-income nation which has witnessed consistent economic growth in recent years. Despite this positive trajectory, 27% of the population still lives below the poverty line, with 8% living in extreme poverty.

Malnutrition is a persistent problem here. It causes high rates of stunting (impaired childhood growth). Lack of access to nutritious food also causes obesity and deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals. Alarming statistics reveal that 20% of families struggle to afford enough food, while 59% cannot access a nutritious diet.


We’re committed to supporting people in need in Tanzania, as well as developing sustainable initiatives for long-term change.

Food Packs

We’re tackling food insecurity by distributing essential food packs, addressing the immediate nutritional needs of vulnerable populations. Over time this helps to combat malnutrition and alleviate the impact of poverty. As well as improving overall health and wellbeing, this project fosters community resilience and lays the foundations for long-term development.

It’s not just food; it’s the reassurance that support is incoming, enabling families to put their time towards looking after each other or attending school. Help to deliver security to people in need by donating towards our Food Parcel scheme today.