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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is occupied by 8.4 million people, but only 16% of them have access to basic sanitation; 30% of people still defecate in the open. Even worse: 58% of people can’t access reliable water sources, and only 23% practice proper hygiene.

The repercussions of this inadequate hygiene infrastructure are starkly evident in the population’s general health. With poor living conditions exacerbated by unsafe water, people in Sierra Leone live for an average of 56 years. Nearly half the population uses unprotected water, so they’re exposed to infections and parasites, resulting in a disproportionate number of deaths. Contaminated water sources pose a heightened risk of hepatitis A and Typhoid fever, further undermining public health.

Malnutrition is also a huge problem, with 4.7 million people facing hunger and 31% of children under 5 suffering from chronic malnourishment.


Food Packs

Food packs make a big difference in Sierra Leone, providing essential sustenance to those in need. Packed with nutritious essentials, these boxes address hunger and malnutrition among vulnerable communities. A food pack is a lifeline during times of food scarcity, contributing to overall community wellbeing.

Hot Meals

Our hot meals provide essential nutrients to help combat malnutrition. They also increase food security, ensuring that people have consistent access to nutritious meals to improve their wellbeing and build resilience.


Water is a key area of need in Sierra Leone, where improved facilities will greatly improve health and wellbeing. We aim to address the immediate health concerns as well as supporting sustainable development to improve the quality of life in Sieraa Leone.

Your support can make a direct impact on these communities. Help us to keep on delivering essential food and water projects in Sierra Leone.