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Thinking about Donating This Ramadan?

Why give during Ramadan?

At Salam, we have lots of projects which are ideal for supporting during the blessed month of Ramadan. Our work is shaped by the pillars of Islam, but we give without discrimination, supporting needy people all over the world. Traditionally, it’s a time for reflection and gratitude. Giving to charity is a duty which helps us to develop humility and increase our bond with Allah. What’s more, giving during the last 10 nights of Ramadan – with Laylat-al-Qadr falling on one of the odd nights – could bring you the reward of a thousand months.

Of course, giving to charity is an important pillar of Islam; when we are prosperous, we are duty-bound to share our wealth with vulnerable people.

We work with those people in Pakistan, Lebanon, Ghana, and elsewhere – people who are unsure whether they will survive the month, let alone observe Ramadan. Malnutrition and sickness threaten their lives every day, and a hot iftar meal is a luxury. To help alleviate their suffering, we work hard to supply food security, safe water, and special meals during Ramadan.

Choose Salam Charity when you donate Zakat, Sadaqah or a one-off gift, and we will ensure that it goes to people who need it.

Family and orphan sponsorships

Supporting a family or orphan means offering them security. With their essential bills paid, they are able to focus on getting an education, caring for each other, and fulfilling their potential. Our partners in Lebanon and Pakistan identify beneficiaries who will truly benefit from financial support, which means a sponsorship has far-reaching consequences. Help us to sponsor more children and families.

Safe, clean water

Parts of Ghana and Pakistan still have very poor hygiene facilities and restricted water access. People – usually women or children – walk miles to fetch water from stagnant sources which are teeming with bacteria. Our partners in these countries help us to select communities where unsafe water is affecting health and education. Just one well can serve safe, clean water to 1,000 people. Donate towards our water projects.

Iftar meals

In Ghana, Pakistan, Afghanistan and more, our teams cook and serve special Iftar meals during Ramadan! They’re different to the regular hot meals – they contain meat and sweets, becoming more of a celebration for families to enjoy together. Support this and our regular deliveries of food parcels to impoverished families in Lebanon: Donate towards our food appeals.